Comprehensive Environmental Health Solutions

Option 1 Has Electrostatic Sprayers and Disinfection Products Effective Against Coronavirus

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Replacing Panic With Prevention

Effective Against

For Use In

  • C.Diff

  • Coronavirus

  • E.Coli

  • HBV

  • HIV

  • Influenza

  • Klebsiella Pneumonia

  • Mold and Mildew

  • MRSA

  • And More

  • Schools and Daycare Facilities

  • Aging Care Facilities

  • Public Buildings

  • Dental Offices and Clinics

  • Theaters

  • Gyms and Parks

  • Hotels

  • Airports, Buses, Cruise Ships

  • And More

Products available for sale.  For our safety and yours, we ask that you pre-order and schedule pick-up at our Aberdeen or Wilmington, NC Locations.  Please call 910-637-0266 for more information.


ATP Testing Before and After

ATP testing measures actively growing microorganisms on touch surfaces.  Pictured above is the result of ATP testing before and 2 minutes after disinfection as well as the industry standard for acceptable RLU levels.. 

Trust, but Verify

Most organizations invest in maintaining a clean environment, but how many verify the efficacy of  their products and practices to disinfect?

Option 1 offers multiple levels of testing services to ensure you’re getting the results necessary for a healthier environment.                         


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Break the Chain of Infection

Option 1’s staff consists of professionals with decades of medical, industrial, and facility management experience.  We will work with your staff to develop protocols best suited for your organization.


Electrostatic Treatment

Electrostatic Application

We use electrostatic sprayers which produce a patented electrostatic charge that penetrates chemicals providing a thin, even spray pattern on all surfaces. 

We use treat with non-toxic, EPA and FDA registered products that are effective against bacteria and viruses.

We offer disinfecting treatments of touch surfaces, flooring, and complete HVAC systems.  All service contracts are tailored to your organization's needs.

We also offer the sale of products, equipment, and training for your staff to self-perform disinfection.


$225.8 Billion!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lost productivity due to employee absences cost US employers $225.8 billion in 2018.

Get the return on your investment by implementing an effective environmental health program you can verify through testing and track through employee sick days.

What is the cost of absenteeism to your organization?